On a random night in February 2015, Actor-turned-Rapper Drake daunted us with a simple, but powerful message that read, “If you’re reading this it’s too late.” Too late for what though, many people wondered. Then the speculation began. Some say he was talking to his competitors, graciously called “Opps” by pop[ular] culture, telling them that by the time this mixtape had dropped, it’d be too late to try to diss the rapper and/or make amends if you had previously [tried to]  diss him. So basically Drake dropped an entire mixtape telling people that they had already waited a little too late to make their next move..and that’s definitely not smart. Touche, Drake. Way to warn the world to stop while they’re ahead, or just slightly behind should I say? Well, if you’re an enemy of Drake’s, I regret to inform you that your time been expired. But..BUT if you’re just a regular degular schmegular person not making enemies with one of the hottest lyricists in the game right now, and you’re wondering when you should go ahead and make your next move your best move, then you’re in luck because guess what?


You have arrived just in time to be a part of the greatest thing to hit the Web on a random, unannounced night since Drake did it back in 2015 with IYRTITL! *clears throat* Welcome to TheeRoyalLoop2.0!
The last time you all heard from us, we were babies in the game. We had just dropped our first Collection of Krownz entitled the “Krown Me” Cap Collection, and we must admit, you all loved them. But soon after, we were ready to do something else – something major. So we went on a bit of a hiatus to figure out how to conquer this fashion industry and now we’re back and we’re better than ever.
If you’re reading this right now, you are currently in the blog space of KrownRoyalz™ Clothing Company. TheeRoyalLoop —WELCOME! Here you will find all things KrownRoyalz™, which entails such things as  life, love, liberation, and fashion. When you aren’t shopping the site here, stop by TheeRoyalLoop to be the first to know about all of our latest news. You’ll also be able to find more personal/interactive blogs written by the CEO herself, Janae Waters (@ThatGoddessGirll), and featured artists/bloggers she invites in to chop it up with us. While we do fully intend to get serious and discuss topics of grave significance, we can assure you that we’ll have a lot of fun here too. TheeRoyalLoop is a virtual meeting spot where we will grow and learn and love and laugh, and who knows? Grow to learn to love to laugh, maybe? That’s definitely the KrownRoyalz™ way!
Well, this isn’t meant to be a super long post, we just wanted to [re]introduce ourselves to the Empire and our future members. So, who exactly are “‘we” then?
Simply put, we are the latest Fashion Powerhouse to hit the Industry!
But here’s the extended version:
KrownRoyalz™ is a luxury brand where self-love, liberation, and fashion meet. Our mission here is to use fashion to inspire change, promote [self]-love, and encourage liberation. Although we are a company that specializes primarily in apparel, we are also deeply rooted in the community. Anything that we touch and/or create here is done first with love in mind, and then community service. In fact, we consider ourselves an “indefinite on-going self-funded fund raiser” as we plan to use a great percentage of all proceeds raised to invest in our own community development efforts. Our CEO was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, so community development will begin there. We then plan to move onto Atlanta, GA, where the CEO currently resides and teaches in Title I (low-income, low performance) schools, and then onto underdeveloped communities across America. Right now, the fashion industry generates over 300 Billion dollars in revenue. We don’t find that a problem, we understand the value of looking nice. But what if….we could look good, and use just a tiny fraction of that 300 billion dollars to make a change? We’re on a mission to do just that here at KrownRoyalz™. Anytime you shop with us not only do you do yourself justice, you bring a little justice back into the world —we promise. Join the Empire today when you either #getkrowned or purchase a RoyalTEE, and make sure you stick around for all the great things we have planned for the future! Until then,
Feel good. Be good. Look good.
That’s the KR™ way!

Peace and Love,
KR™ Marketing Team
“…where self-love, liberation, and fashion meet”
Instagram: KrownRoyalz
Facebook: KrownRoyalz

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