I honestly don’t like the saying, “pray for the worst, but expect the best.” Because it’s like, whatever you expect is what you get. You know? “As a man thinketh, so shall it be,” kinda thing. So if I’m gonna pray for the best, then you better believe that I’m gonna expect the best too. And if I can’t truthfully expect the best from a situation/person, then I’ll expect nothing, and instead, accept what is. Once I accept it, I can then embrace the idea that I must let go of anything or anyone from which I cannot expect the best —it serves my life no purpose. Expectations aren’t necessarily a bad thing to have, as I think it’s healthy to live life “positively paranoid” as I call it …the act of always expecting great things to happen. But as unforeseen circumstances arise, I accept them for exactly what they are. Move on and continue living in my positive paranoia. Make this small change in your own life and let me know if it works for you!

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