Who is KrownRoyalz™

KrownRoyalz™ Clothing Company, or KrownRoyalz™  for short, is a Unisex Apparel Brand that uses fashion to inspire change, promote self-love,  and encourage liberation.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, CEO|Founder, Janae “Thatgoddessgirll” Waters was constantly searching for ways to rebuild the areas from which she and the majority of her friends and her family were born, while simultaneously uplifting the people in those very areas. In January 2016, she stopped searching for a way to make this goal possible and she created the way —thus KrownRoyalz™ Clothing Company was birthed.

Although we are a company that specializes in luxury apparel fit for the modern day King and Queen, we are also deeply rooted in the community. In fact, our CEO considers the company a “self-funded fundraiser,” as the proceeds produced from the products sold will go back into several of her own community development projects within Baltimore, Atlanta, and then onto other inner-city, urban areas across America. Long story short, you definitely won’t hear our name mentioned only as it relates to the latest threads!

Currently, the U.S Fashion Market is a 300 Billion dollar Industry, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone deserves to look good however they see fit, right? But here at KrownRoyalz™ we propose this simple, yet profound question: Is it possible to look good and use just a fraction of that 300 billion dollars to affect necessary change, especially when that change could directly and positively effect the very contributors of this lucrative industry’s success? The answer is, “YES!” And we are not only on a mission to show you that it is possible, but to show you that we are truly committed to doing it!

Here’s the sweet part: When you shop with us, you vow to make that same commitment! Because we give back, it will be portions of your purchase(s) that will ultimately contribute to our goal!  So choose to become a part of something bigger than yourself; something founded in all things love, positivity, liberation, and FASHION!
Join us today and become a member of the ever-growing KR™ Empire!

This is not another T-shirt brand. We are more than a Street-wear brand.
We are the  latest FASHION POWERHOUSE to hit the Industry.

We’ve told you our principles. We’ve told you our mission. We’ve told you our story. There’s nothing left to do but to leave you with our motto:

Feel good [self-love]. Be good [liberation]. Look good [fashion]
That’s the KR™ way!

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